Comfort Plush

TusKany the Elephant Comfort Pillow Plush

Chloe & Emma’s Elephant from “The Tale of Meadow Grove”

TusKany is an extra- large pillow plush that makes him excellent for curling up with during nap time, for cuddling, and/or as super cool alternative to a security blanket. Plus, he is the perfect complement while reading “The Tale of Meadow Grove”.

The benefits of plush stuffed toys are immeasurable for children of ALL ages…

BABIES are extremely tactile as they begin to explore touch, plush toys are a safe texture. TODDLERS, who are beginning to learn words and empathy, find not only comfort, but a constant companion. PRESCHOOLERS are exploring their imaginations and active play, they also use toys to express their feelings, and begin to carry on more complex conversations. SCHOOL-AGED AND OLDER CHILDREN will still use plush toys for companionship, involving them in more elaborate play, and as a substantial confidant. Animal lovers will be inspired to learn and research, while others may be enticed to create toys of their own.