The incredible power of a child’s imagination…

One of the questions I was given by my publisher was to provide 10 phrases that best describe my book, so I thought I would post them here as well, because it truly is meant…

  • To celebrate the  incredible power of a child’s imagination.
  • To inspire confidence and bravery in children regardless of what, or who, Mr. Jingles represents in real life.
  • To recognize that Mr. Jingles can represent any obstacle, any fear, any threat, any anxiety, placed upon a child.
  • To acknowledge a child’s resiliency, and inspire hope and fearlessness when faced with great odds.
  • To never underestimate the the innate empathy and acute peripheral awareness of a child.
  • To encourage children to find a trust to confide in should they find themselves in a scary circumstance.
  • To aid parents in being able to start difficult conversations by supplementing relatable characters.
  • To emphasize the power and magic of the bond between people and animals, and how impactful that bond can be towards comfort and healing.
  • To recognize it is the smallest voices that sometimes speak the loudest, and have the greatest need to be heard.
  • Lastly, it is a poetic cautionary tale, but also one of empowerment, bravery, and survival, in response to unyielding adversity.

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