Covid-19 and Children’s Health

Here is another resource that is full of incredible information concerning children’s mental and overall health, please check out the link posted below…

Covid-19 and Children’s Health

The following are some statistics from this paper, horrifying, but sadly not surprising given these challenging times.

Among children and adolescents across studies
• 22.6%-43% reported depression
• 18.9%-37% reported anxiety
• 31% reported anxiety and depression
• >50% reported moderate to severe impact on mental health

Save The Children conducted a survey of 1500 households
• 67% of parents reported being worried about their child’s emotional wellbeing
• Half of children reported feeling bored (52%) or worried (49%)
• 52% of children worried that they are not learning enough academically
• 74% of children report concerns about missing out on social activities.

“College student studies during COVID-19 found persistent negative effects on students behavioral and emotional functioning despite wellness focused strategies”.


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